Photo Aide Features:

  • Find equivalent ISO, aperture and shutter speed combinations
  • Save and retrieve ISO, aperture, and shutter speed combinations
  • Compare two exposure values: difference in stops, lighting ratio, and ND filter
  • Calculate depth of field and hyperfocal distance
  • Calculate aperture, distance, or focal length that give a certain depth of field
  • Calculate vertical, horizontal, and diagonal angle of view for a specific focal length and sensor size
  • Calculate the focal length corresponding to an angle of view
  • Calculate the recorded rectangle image size (field of view), for a focal length and subject distance
  • Calculate the focal length or subject distance that provide a specific field of view
  • Calculate the flash subject distance for a combination of ISO, aperture, flash head zoom, and flash output power
  • Calculate ISO, aperture, or flash output power that give a proper exposure for a specific subject distance
  • Ability to save a preferred list of cameras, lenses, and flashes for fast access
  • Large database that has cameras, lenses, and flashes currently produced by all large manufacturers
  • Supports custom cameras, lenses, and flashes — when you can’t find your gear in our database
  • Supports both metric and imperial units