Photo Aide is a flexible and powerful photo calculator tailored to your equipment:

  • The ISO, aperture, shutters speed, focal length, and guide number values are adjustable in the range that your camera, lens, and flash support.
  • It has a large database of DSLRs, lenses and flashes from all major manufacturers, with over 180 cameras, 450 lenses, and 70 flash guns.
  • It supports custom equipment — if your camera, lens, or flash is not in the database you can easily add it.
  • It allows you to quickly adjust the parameters by using sliders.

All modules support calculating any parameter from the others. For example in the Depth of Field module you can calculate the depth of field for a focal length, aperture and focus distance, but also the aperture that gives you a specific depth of field.

In the Flash module you can calculate not just the flash coverage for a specific flash head zoom position, ISO value, flash output power, and aperture, but also what output power you should use for a specific distance, or what ISO value is needed.

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